Fire Chief Update March 26, 2020

The Metchosin Fire Department has been very busy putting supports in place, ensuring our staff and responders have adequate resources and implementing programs and care protocols for all residents in our community:

Restrictions are in place for access to municipal buildings. In efforts to maintain business continuity and municipal business we have reduced risk to our staff by limiting public access and interactions. 

The following are a few updates:

  • Our Public Works crew continue to perform their regular duties in protection, improvement and maintenance of our roads, buildings, bridges, creeks and trails; while continuing to respond to emergency calls during the day. They too are modifying activities and public interaction whenever possible.
  • The Fire Department and Emergency Operations Centre are locked for restricted access to encourage social distancing for our responders.  Emergency responders are the cornerstone to providing care during this pandemic.  We are still here and available to you; however we do ask you contact us via phone or email as much as possible.
  • We have activated our Emergency Operation Centre to a Level 1.  Which means we are in daily communication with the Province and other agencies to coordinate resources, gather information and share strategies on how we are dealing with this world-wide epidemic.
  • We are coordinating with our Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Program (PODs), St. Marys Church and Seniors Resource Centre in efforts to keep in touch with those who may be at high risk.  We have coordinated food delivery services, care services and in some cases providing needed cleaning / hand sanitizing materials.
  • We have utilized the Old Metchosin School as a designated isolation space should it be required. It has been set up with sleeping areas, washroom facilities and a kitchen.  We certainly hope this space remains unused, but it is there should it be needed.
  • We have an excellent supply of resources and personal protective equipment.  We are one of the few municipalities who has stockpiled supplies through our Medical Response Team and are in good shape for keeping everyone safe.  We have had the opportunity to help out other communities by sharing some of our stash!
  • We have been coordinating with the Scia’new First Nations on a daily basis, building and sharing our ideas and supporting each other through dialogue and care.
  • We are organizing the many volunteers who have come forward to offer support.  Individuals who are known by others in the community, providing safe and reliable care for those at risk.
  • We have added a COVID-19 page to our websites or offering printable materials and linking you to RELIABLE resources for information.  We have been selectively posting on Facebook and sending out minimal emails - so as not to add to the confusion and onslaught of information you are all receiving.
  • We have been coordinating with some amazing dedicated organizations within our community - MyChosen Cafe, Glen Rosa, Dr. O’Conner, Seniors Resource Centre, St. Mary's and many others.  This truly is a community effort to keep our residents safe and healthy.
  • We have working closely with Mayor and Council on a daily basis, each of them have been actively involved in making recommendations and building strength and resiliency to our community.  With the constantly changing events happening in our world today, please know this Council is doing everything possible to keep us safe. 

We are available 24/7 if you need anything please call us at 250-883-4472.   

(In event of an emergency please still dial 9-1-1).

 Stay safe…and please do your part by ensuring you wash your hands often and practice social distancing.

Stephanie Dunlop
Fire Chief | Emergency Program Coordinator
Metchosin Fire Department
C 250-883-4472 | W 250-478-1307

Thursday, March 26, 2020 - 1:45pm